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Corner bunk bed on the wooden leg

Visualization captures a bunk bed supported by a wooden leg that is placed in the living room, saving space and linking the dining area, living room and bedroom. The bedroom is based on the BUNK DOUBLE BED, CORNER

Bunk bed on the wooden leg

Even a smaller room up to 20m 2 we can accommodate with a spacious bunk bed that is supported by wooden leg. It is possible to connect the bedroom, the study room and the living room. The bed model comes from BUNK BED, SPACE

Spatial bunk bed by the side on the wall and on the wooden leg

A small space in the living room can also be solved by a bunk bed on the wooden leg, which is located by the broader side on the wall. In this scene, the bed is very practical in terms of layout options. A small living room can relate to a bedroom. ...

Bunk hanged bed in the corner 

With a hanged bunk bed, you put a certain amount of extravagance into your kitchen or living room. The bed will become an original element of your interior but will also save lot of space. In this scene the bed solves the issue with the space in th...

Bunk hanged bed by the side

In this scene, you can see a hanged bunk bed that is placed in the living room above the sofa. The bed model comes from BUNK BED, CORNER, HANGED

Bunk bed in the space

Small space in the children's room can be delightfully solved by a bunk bed. The child has a room for work and a place to relax.

Corner bunk bed with a bed sheets storage

This corner bunk bed with a bed sheets storage is suitable for small apartments. The room, thanks to the great placed bed sheets storage in the ceiling, makes the room airy and you can arrange the furniture according to your wish. The bed model comes...