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The family from Dresden wanted a cheerful room for their children, according to the room paintings, we have designed a double bed and a work corner for both of their children. The bunk bed is in the corner, thanks to the usage of the ladder it was not necessary to anchor the bed into the ceiling. The lower bed is located across it so that the whole room does not look too uniformly, but airier. Turning the lower bed creates another space that can be used for a night table or smaller cabinet.
We put the work area by the window to make the most of daylight. Tables were pulled together to create a single, long work table suitable for any kind of activity. Children can sit separately at their table, or they can remove their chairs and use a single area for more space-intensive activities. Below each table are color-coded drawers on wheels that can be easily moved where they are needed. Thus, the work space offers more possibilities for adjustments according to the situation.
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